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My name is Leanne Boissonnault and I am owner/designer of Country Floral Magic. I think of myself as a bubbly, outgoing person although I have also been known to shy away and not like to be in the spotlight. Over the years of life lessons though I have been able to overcome a lot of this fear. As a child I was lucky to grow up close to my Grandparents and, live on the same farm land out near Beaumont, AB. Upon graduating from high school and working for a local pet store I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future life.

My love and passion of nature/art were all I had to go on. Thanks to my amazing mother for suggesting floral design as it was a great combo of both my interests. I then took courses through Continuing Education in Edmonton and completed all six levels and graduated with certificates. After completing these certificates, into the floral industry I went. My first job was at a floral wholesaler warehouse. I developed speed and knowledge of flowers while designing bouquets and arrangements for larger chain stores. I then went on to work at some amazing smaller floral shops which then led to working at a high-end Florist in the Edmonton downtown core.

While working at this amazing shop my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child and I wanted a work place closer to home. After searching, I was lucky to become employed by Holes Greenhouse and worked with some other talented ladies in the floral department. I then became a first time Mom and Loved being a Mother so much that going back into the work industry and being away from my child was not an option. So again Thanks to my Amazing Mother for the suggestion and push I then decided to test my wings by opening my very own business from my home in Morinville.

Floral Magic was created in 2002 which was a floral shop customized around weddings. Two years after opening Floral Magic I brought in another child into this world. This is when the gift shop expansion of my business was created. I continued to do weddings and larger functions and brought in more gift items into the shop.

In the fall of 2007 Floral Magic dug up its roots and moved into the Country side of Sturgeon County. Once we were moved I felt that Country needed to be added onto my business name. County Floral Magic then was born. Shortly after the move I delivered my third and final child. Over the next few years the long/late hours and physically challenging work that would leave me with little time for my family or friends I decided to lesson my amount of weddings. My love of old things and nature has changed my whole look. I have evolved my shop into a more rustic, vintage feel since we are now located in the countryside.

In 2013 I launched a new direction of custom home decorating and customized vintage windows and signs. I love creating incredible things and at the end of the day, I know something I made over the years has helped someone celebrate, grieve or know they are loved. That’s a pretty cool feeling to have and love every moment. My favorite part of having my own Floral design business is it allows me to set my own hours so I can spend time with my family. They always come first!